Solve Your Acne Problems


Solve Your Acne Problems With These Simple Home Remedies !



Acne – the bane of a teenager’s life. It might be the common blight for
those in their teenage years but the disease has a far reaching effect as
it can scar the skin and impact the sufferer’s self-esteem quite
dramatically. It might not be dangerous but the effects may be
devastating from an emotional, physical and social perspective.

Essentially, acne forms when the pores of your skin become blocked by
an oily liquid called sebum and then becomes infected. Sebum, hair and
skin cells form a plug within the pore and once the plug becomes
infected, a swelling starts to form. Once the ‘plug’ breaks down, the telltale pimples start to form.

Acne is a noticeable disease and it affects your face, neck, shoulders,
chest and back. Skin specialists confirm that ¾ of those within the 11-30
years age group will get acne at some time. But note that acne can
affect people of all ages and indeed, races, it’s certainly not restricted to
those within their teenage years. Men and women can contract this
disease but young males seem to suffer from acne for longer periods,
possibly because of testosterone levels.

This report contains a list of well-known and some lesser known
remedies that are easy to make at home and which may offer a solution
or assistance for those who are suffering with this skin complaint.


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