Living Life The Paleo Way


An Introduction To Living Life The Paleo Way, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!




Anyone who takes a sustained look at the obesity
numbers in the present global population will notice that
they are rising fast. Despite the advancement in
technology, healthcare and education, people are still
making mistakes in how they eat. The current state of
obesity in the world in 2013 calls for a return to the paleo
diet, the right way to cope with evolution. The present
obesity debacle arises from the fact that people are
taking up a lifestyle that is not optimal for their existence
on earth and these behaviours leave the body with too
many extra calories than it requires.

The paleo diet derives its philosophy from the fact that
people who inhabited the earth more than 10,000 years
ago did not eat any processed food yet they were healthy
and not obese. They did not experience modern-day
diseases like arthritis, cardiovascular complications and
cancers. So based on this fact, anyone wishing to enjoy a
healthy paleo diet and regain their health should simply
ask themselves whether a caveman would eat what the
person is about to eat. If the answer is yes, then it is a
go-ahead for eating that particular food but if it’s no, then
it would be a hint to stop taking the kind of food.


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