Hair Loss


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Your hair is going to tell an awful lot about you, including whether or not your body is in
balance. Balance includes having a good physical and mental health, as well as having fully
functioning organs and glands that are producing the correct hormones for your body. If a
person is healthy, emotionally and physically healthy, their hair is going to be much more
radiant and shining, and their scalp is going to be healthy and moist. Their hair is going to be
able to tell you a lot about what their health state is, both with physical health and with mental

If a person is not well, either not physically well, or not mentally well, their hair is going to be
rather dull and they are going to have a hard time focusing on what their hair should be like. In
an unhealthy person, you are even going to see periods of time in which their hair falls out. It
might become waxy, due to the overproduction of the glands that are providing your hair with

It is also a true fact that any changes we might be going through in our lives are going to be
displayed for all to see on our heads. If we are well and healthy and happy, our heads will reflect
this. If not, our hair might begin to fall out, and sometimes a slump in physical or mental state
can be easily reflected in our hair.

Even though challenge and excitement is something that we need to be attractive and active
people, too much stress can actually cause our hair to fall out of our heads. When this happens,
it will usually regrow itself if we can get our bodies regulated and get thought the periods of
stress without falling back into them again.

Remember that if you are losing hair because of stress or if you are losing hair because of a
slump you are in your life, you are actually in a good place to be, when it comes to your hair
loss, because most of the time, once you fix what is going wrong in your life, your hair will re
grow itself and your hair loss will actually be reversed. So, if you have lost hair due to stress or
to being physically or mentally ill, the good thing is that once you get yourself healthy and back
on track, you aren’t going to have to worry about your hair, it will come back on its own.


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