Body Of Your Dreams


How To Get The Body
Of Your Dreams in 2019



Diets actually make you gain weight in the long term and that is
becoming ever more evident in the obesity epidemic that is plaguing
this fast food, minimal exercise generation.

Did you know that stadium seats have to be widened to accommodate
the increase in peoples expanding, ahem…girth? It shows that we are
becoming a larger nation (and not in a good way) of people than we
ever have before and this is in the past 20 years alone.

Our children are suffering from obesity related conditions such as
diabetes and heart disease.

A group of 70 obese American children from the ages of 6 to 19 were
subjected to a battery of tests to examine the effect that a diet high in
fat had on their young body’s.

The results were eye opening. All suffered from high cholesterol and
all were within the high risk category of having cardiovascular disease
and heart failure of which some subjects were already exhibiting
symptoms of.

Among some of the tests was the measurement of plaque buildup of
the carotid arteries. These are the arteries that are located on either
side of the neck which supply precious blood and oxygen to the face
and brain. The shocking discovery is that these youngsters had the
artery age of a person in their 40’s.

That means that their arteries and internal age was more than twice
that of their chronological age, as doctors say “you’re only as young as
your arteries”.

Frightening isn’t it? Children are literally being robbed of a long,
healthy life simply by what they are eating. Because children learn
what they eat from their parents it’s vitally important that we teach
them good eating habits based upon our example.


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