Athletic Training


Ace Athlete in how to be a Star
(Peak Performance Secrets Every Aspiring Athlete Should Know)



Exercise and diet is just the start of reaching peak performance, however
equipment, exercise types, body types, and how the exercises work plays a
vital part in reaching peak performance. For instance, if you are working to
build mass and only workout pumping heavy weights and adding more
weights to overload a muscle, you are setting self up for injury. Likewise, if
you are only working to build large muscle groups without building
endurance, cardiovascular and the like, you are throwing fire on flames. The
key then is picking the right equipment that includes endurance, strength
training, reduction of stress on joints, and so forth to reach peak
performance. Still, you need diet, and mind set to work toward your goals.
Thus, in this report we are going to tell you about goals, plans, mindset,
qualities, equipment, exercises, diet, and more to help you see how you can
reach your peak performance by pulling up your secrets to ace athlete

We can sit here all day and talk about you reaching peak performance in the
goal to become an ace athlete, but until you put forth the efforts, we would
have accomplished nothing. Therefore, I will go work out while you read,
and we see who gets to the finish line first. Not, I have to write the article,
thus the only exercise I am getting now, is the weight I am loosing on my fat
fingers and wrists.

The first thing you have to do is, put your plans and goals in motion while
working toward peak performance in fitness. Exercise and diet is essential,
yet you must also stop smoking, drinking, taking drugs, and cussing if
possible. I have a sense of humor, so if you want to cuss sometimes, do not
worry you will not miss reaching your goal. While working toward peak
performance you have to setup a balanced regimen of exercises. The goal is
to work all parts of the body, while achieving intensity, endurance, stamina,
muscle, and so forth. The first set of exercises we can start then are the upper
back tactics, which can help you start building strength in your back.

Ready, set, go: First, you want to get the joint actions to work toward
building the shoulders horizontal extensions. In other words, you are starting
the rowing back process, which requires weights. If you do not have
weights, sit on the floor bring your arms up and elbows in an I Dream of
Genie style. If you have, weights place your arms and elbows in the same
position. Now, blink your eyes and make a wish. Just kidding! Now, I am
not sure if you have weights or not, but either way work toward the chief
mover muscles, i.e. the posterior deltoid, including the latissimus dorsi, and
the teres majors. You will outstretch your arms to the side with the elbows
bent backwards and the forearms coming forward. Keep your legs planted
on the floor. In aerobics, the action is similar to the torso lift combined with
the torso twist, yet you will not twist the arms to from side to side, rather
you will extend with the elbows bent to both sides.


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